Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Opportunity built for $100k Affilates

I am a part of an amazing community…the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

What other marketing community has over 1 million active members! Wealthy Affiliate has been built by marketers for marketers of any experience or ranking. I look forward to revealing it’s as yet hidden secrets to you……

The purpose of Wealthy Affiliate – who is it for?

Quite frankly this is a program for anyone who has ever thought or dreamed of making an income online. It does not take a vast amount of time and is therefore suitable for people in employment or not in employment. Wealthy Affiliate is ideal as there is something here for amateurs or professionals, wannabes or used-to-bes. Wealthy Affiliate is for people who want a sure way to supplement their income or replace their income. It is for people who may be temporarily away from work such as pregnant mothers or stay at home parents with a family.

As no technical knowledge is necessary it is suitable for the retired or those still studying. It can usefully supplement your pension or pay down those student loans faster.

Wealthy Affiliate – What do they provide?

Wealthy Affiliate provides the widest, comprehensive and in depth training with hundreds of training modules on every aspect of website creation and affiliate marketing. Members have use of WA’s WordPress website creator, can purchase relevant domains within the site and can use WA’s hosting. There are two levels of membership FREE and $49 per month.

The facilities described in this section are available even to FREE members! FREE members can also get free domains hosted at WA which can be upgraded and transferred to native domains upon becoming Premium Members.

The training covers step by step website creation, niche selection and creation of content. It amazed me just how far you are allowed to go with FREE membership even to earning Affiliate commissions on introduction of new members through a generous referral program.

Wealthy Affiliate – What makes them different

Wealthy Affiliate is a real active Community. It’s members are encouraged to participate in all different ways but particularly in the encouragement and support of new members. A huge proportion of the Membership participate at least daily. The more involved you are the better your ranking in the Community. You grow your own Network of Mentors and Supporters as well as those you mentor and support.

MyReview – My last word for now

I became a successful Internet Marketer in 2008/9. Over the years I have paid many mentors and joined a number of programs with the same aims as Wealthy Affiliate. For a number of years I was a member of Chris Farrell Membership which won accolades for years – rightly so as Chris is a great tutor and mentor.

However, I wish I had stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate earlier in my career. It quite simply is head and shoulders in advance of it’s competitors. I unfortunately only found WA recently.

Even as someone with 10 years success on the internet, I immediately learned new approaches and techniques. I was lured in by the FREE Membership but within just a day of joining upgraded to Premium. I can see WA will help me to grow further and faster and will give me the opportunity to pay back through involving myself in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

To learn more about this exciting program Click Here.

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