Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Opportunity built for $100k Affilates

I am a part of an amazing community…the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

What other marketing community has over 1 million active members! Wealthy Affiliate has been built by marketers for marketers of any experience or ranking. I look forward to revealing it’s as yet hidden secrets to you……

The purpose of Wealthy Affiliate – who is it for?

Quite frankly this is a program for anyone who has ever thought or dreamed of making an income online. It does not take a vast amount of time and is therefore suitable for people in employment or not in employment. Wealthy Affiliate is ideal as there is something here for amateurs or professionals, wannabes or used-to-bes. Wealthy Affiliate is for people who want a sure way to supplement their income or replace their income. It is for people who may be temporarily away from work such as pregnant mothers or stay at home parents with a family.

As no technical knowledge is necessary it is suitable for the retired or those still studying. It can usefully supplement your pension or pay down those student loans faster.

Wealthy Affiliate – What do they provide?

Wealthy Affiliate provides the widest, comprehensive and in depth training with hundreds of training modules on every aspect of website creation and affiliate marketing. Members have use of WA’s WordPress website creator, can purchase relevant domains within the site and can use WA’s hosting. There are two levels of membership FREE and $49 per month.

The facilities described in this section are available even to FREE members! FREE members can also get free domains hosted at WA which can be upgraded and transferred to native domains upon becoming Premium Members.

The training covers step by step website creation, niche selection and creation of content. It amazed me just how far you are allowed to go with FREE membership even to earning Affiliate commissions on introduction of new members through a generous referral program.

Wealthy Affiliate – What makes them different

Wealthy Affiliate is a real active Community. It’s members are encouraged to participate in all different ways but particularly in the encouragement and support of new members. A huge proportion of the Membership participate at least daily. The more involved you are the better your ranking in the Community. You grow your own Network of Mentors and Supporters as well as those you mentor and support.

MyReview – My last word for now

I became a successful Internet Marketer in 2008/9. Over the years I have paid many mentors and joined a number of programs with the same aims as Wealthy Affiliate. For a number of years I was a member of Chris Farrell Membership which won accolades for years – rightly so as Chris is a great tutor and mentor.

However, I wish I had stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate earlier in my career. It quite simply is head and shoulders in advance of it’s competitors. I unfortunately only found WA recently.

Even as someone with 10 years success on the internet, I immediately learned new approaches and techniques. I was lured in by the FREE Membership but within just a day of joining upgraded to Premium. I can see WA will help me to grow further and faster and will give me the opportunity to pay back through involving myself in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

To learn more about this exciting program Click Here.

I welcome your feedback and will be happy to read your comments and respond to your questions – just post in the box below.


The Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of marketing and selling other peoples products and services for a commission. The Affiliate Marketer has no work to do in designing or manufacturing the product or creating the service. The fulfilment of any sale is carried out by the producer – not the marketer and any post purchase support is not the responsibility of the Marketer either.

What are the disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

The major disadvantage of Affiliate Marketing is that the product or service is not yours. I listed the main advantages above but not being a producer means that you cannot take any advantage of branding or build a reputation based on the quality of your product or service. As producer you can constantly improve or modify your product or service or introduce new products or services into your range.

The customers may well be sent to the producer or service supplier by the Affiliates but those customers are the suppliers and their contact details are added to the producer or service suppliers list. The Affiliate did the hard work to attract the customer but the supplier or service supplier benefits from being able to sell directly to those customers in future either for repeat or new business.

Particularly with many services, the cost of creating the service may be a one off and after a number of sales the revenue gained from sales can be almost entirely profit for the service supplier. The Affiliate can never be in that position as at best he is only earning a percentage of the profits in commission.

The Affiliate Marketer can never become the product or service expert.


Affiliate Marketing, in spite of those disadvantages is a great way to start a business and test a particular market. The cost of entry is significantly less than a producer or service supplier. You should not close your mind to also becoming a producer or service supplier. Many internet marketers do exactly that by producing software or services that they sell on JVZoo or the Warrior Forum or manufacture goods to sell through Amazon FBA, Shopify or eBay. How do I know that? I have done it myself.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

This article considers where you can find affiliate marketing programs.

Large Companies with Affiliate Programs

Many large companies have Affiliate Programs, Amazon and Walmart for example. With both of these it is just a question of registering as an affiliate.

The commissions paid tend to be low, in single percentages but increase with the volume of goods sold in any sales period. Both companies specialise in physical products but cover almost any niche you select. They also have excellent reputations and are trusted 100{bd9c57869690120794209a6b2b2048df2303f677ea6b9830a11f604e20e2d1ab} which makes selling their products relatively easy.

Both of these Companies represent the best Affiliate Marketing programs for beginners.

Specialist Companies with Affiliate Programs

There are many online companies who specialise in servicing Affiliate Marketers. Two of the largest are Commission Junction and Clickbank. The advantages of both are that they offer Affiliate programs in the online sphere.

Commission Junction now rebranded as CJ Affiliate is basically an advertising program where many major companies advertise their Affiliate programs. Commissions here tend to be much larger than companies such as Amazon or Walmart and Commissions tend to fall in the 10-50{bd9c57869690120794209a6b2b2048df2303f677ea6b9830a11f604e20e2d1ab} range.

Clickbank is a privately held Internet retailer of both physical and digital products. It grew exponentially from its foundation in 1998 because of the rapid growth of Internet Marketing and use of the Web. There are a large number of Internet Marketers who became Clickbank internet millionaires.

Clickbank offers a large and diverse range of products concentrated mainly in the “Golden “niches of Health, Wealth and Marketing. Commissions are high on Clickbank often up to 70{bd9c57869690120794209a6b2b2048df2303f677ea6b9830a11f604e20e2d1ab} and often recurring.

Internet Service Companies

To operate online there are a number of essential services which no internet or affiliate marketer can do without. These almost always are monthly or yearly services and hence provide ongoing commissions. These services  could start with Broadband and continue with

Domain purchase and renewal from the likes of GoDaddy or NameCheap

Hosting services from the likes of HostGator or BlueHost

VPN provision from the likes of HMA or Nord VPN

AutoResponders from the likes of AWeber or GetResponse

Internet tools and programs from the likes of JVZoo or Warrior Forum.

Training or complete packages from Wealthy Affiliates or Chris Farrell Memberships


Learn to think Affiliate. Before you buy anything look to see if there is an Affiliate program for it. Joint Venture with another Affiliate so that you can trade reciprocally each earning commissions from the others essential purchases.


What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche? – How do I pick one?

What is a Niche?

A niche is an area that you have an interest in or at least have some knowledge about.

The niche may be very narrow for example, Blue Crested Lizards

which would only appeal to people interested in or who own Blue Crested Lizards or wider such as Weight loss where you could drill down into exercise or Diet for example or drill down again to Paleo Diet for example.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

An Affiliate Marketing Niche is one which is populated with products or services which have lucrative affiliate programs you can participate in.

How do I pick one?

It helps if you have a particular expertise or knowledge or interest in a field.

For example if you have been a Realtor it would make sense for you to exploit your knowledge in the area of Real Estate. If you have worked in the fashion industry, an online clothing outlet may be where you would have an advantage. If you have a hobby in which you have gleaned a depth of expertise or knowledge, that may be an appropriate place to start. Many people fancy a complete change, in which case they should do a lot of research on the topic and perhaps get some training.

Having said that, to establish a sound business model it is important to select a niche with lots of interest and where you will be able to attract lots of interest. You will have heard that you should only open a store in a busy street where others are already selling similar goods or services. This is because you need to attract lots of visitors which are already looking to buy something in your niche.

The Golden Niches

There are a number of “Golden” niches which attract the most attention. These niches are popular as they tend to be attractive to surfers who are looking for solution to problems. These are

  • Health
  • Personal Developement
  • Wealth creation

Health would include many sub niches which are all gold nuggets e.g.

  • Cures for ailments or conditions such as Acne, Halitosis, Snoring, Hair loss, unsightly hair etc
  • Fitness which could include solutions such as Exercise regimes, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Muscle building, Dieting of various types, vegetarianism, veganism etc.
  • Sale of exercise equipment or monitors such as Blood Pressure, Weight, Diabetes etc

Personal Development would include many sub niches e.g.

  • Confidence training
  • Public Speaking
  • Body Language
  • Meditation, Yoga, Pilates etc
  • Writing
  • Language tuition
  • Personal analysis and Development

Wealth Creation would include huge sub niches e.g.

  • Make money from FX (foreign exchange)
  • Make money from Share Trading
  • Make money from Gold or Silver Leveraging
  • Real Estate dealing and rentals
  • Make money online by selling Goods and Services
  • Make money online through Affiliate Marketing
  • Make money from Pay per Click advertising
  • Make money through online Betting programs

I have no knowledge of these niches. How do I select one?

Don’t be put off. One of these niches or sub niches or sub sub niches is where you should begin.

If your knowledge is a little thin in the niche you select, research it and if necessary get tuition.

Start with a search on Google or Bing. Nothing exists on earth that has been articled to death on the search engines. YouTube is a fantastic resource for just in time learning. Again there is no product, process or service about which there haven’t been hours of video produced. You should also research the Affiliate programs that are available in the niche. If you choose a product, most suppliers have Affiliate programs you can join which will attract varying levels of commission. If you choose a service, it is always great if it is of a membership nature which will attract repeat commissions usually every month.

For example in the internet marketing niche there are a number of services which attract ongoing commissions in almost every part of the internet business essentials e.g. domain purchase, hosting services, auto-responders etc.

Once you have a base knowledge, it is amazing how quickly your new interest in a subject leads to you becoming an expert. At that point it is wise to spend a little on support. Join a program like Wealthy Affiliate, Chris Farrell Membership, Jo Barnes etc which all give varying levels of ongoing support to ensure that you follow proven systems and only focus on the tasks in hand.


It is worth spending a bit of time researching and satisfying yourself that the niche you select is the right one. You are going to spend a lot of your future time in this niche if you are to become successful there.








What is Affiliate Marketing and does it work?

This article is all about one of the easiest ways of making money online.

Making Money Online – What are my options?

There are  2 main ways to make money online. You can

  • market and sell products and services that you create and supply
  • market and sell products and services that others create and supply for a commission

There are advantages and disadvantages in both approaches. The main advantages of the second option are that you are not responsible

  • for the production of the products or service
  • for the logistics of the storage and fulfillment of any order
  • for the outcome of the product or service
  • for support for the product or  service

This second option is Affiliate Marketing.

How do I start Affiliate Marketing

Most producers or service suppliers are very comfortable to let third parties market and sell their products or services for a commission. Different products or services will attract a range of commissions paid as either a lump sum per sale or a percentage of the sale price. This commission often attracts as much as 40-70{bd9c57869690120794209a6b2b2048df2303f677ea6b9830a11f604e20e2d1ab}. In addition most of these suppliers are happy to provide all marketing materials for their product or service. The Affiliate is paid for attracting new customers who will buy the product or service.

What does an Affiliate actually do?

There are a number of differing strategies that an Affiliate will employ to ensure success.

  • create a mailing list of potential buyers who will be interested in the product or service
  • advertise the product or service on a website to which interested potential buyers will be attracted or forwarded to
  • advertise the product on other websites ans social media such as Facebook
  • create an onsite store where the product or service can be listed for sale

What are the entry barriers for Affiliate Marketers?

The cost of entry to Affiliate Marketing is low. The essential tools are

  • a good autoresponder such as AWeber or GetResponse
  • a domain name
  • a host to host your domain on the Web
  • free or paid tuition to learn how to build the website and drive traffic to the site


I have been both an Affiliate Marketer and a producer and supplier. It is a lot cheaper to start an Affiliate Marketing business than a business where you are responsible for production, fulfillment and after sales support. It does work and has worked for me. In my opinion it is both the cheapest anf fastest way to build a sustainable regular income. The one essential is to follow a proven method through an established training course.





About me

Hi everyone and welcome to The $100k Affiliates. Internet or Affiliate Marketing has been a passion of mine for over 10 years and I want to help you achieve similar success.

Over the years I have been successful initially marketing through Social Media, followed by several years as an Affiliate and more recently as a product producer and seller on Amazon. I have always found it remarkably simple to make money online whichever field I specialised in.

Having the right support and training is essential whatever you do and it is my mission not only to pass on the benefits of my experience but to point you to the best training and support available today.


I spent a lifetime in construction and when I retired I needed something to occupy my time and supplement my income. At that time property and foreign exchange were at the forefront of things to do. I gained education in both and bought several properties to lease out in Upper New York…….Oops! I wasn’t to know that the largest crash in history was about to happen. I cut my losses ang got out over the next couple of years.

So where to go next…….nothing safer than Gold and Silver……wrong again. I was in a leveraged investment and against all predictions the price started to fall…with no sign of any respite I could afford the leverage no longer and again cut my losses.

Third time lucky? I decided to look for a business that needed little or no capital and that could produce a return quickly. I enroled on a course with an Internet Marketer whose aim was to achieve your first sale within one month. Achieved. Within 6 months I figured on her sales video as I was earning $6000+ a month from a standing start.

After a few years of success of reviewing and selling third party internet marketing products for commission, I changed course and bought training in producing and selling products on Amazon throughout the USA. The program I was using for support used sales information to encourage new students and I soon passed the $25k sales in a month. After 2 years I sold my business as a going concern and retired from Amazon. The competition over the 2 years had become “severe”.


It is time for me to give back. I decided to focus on the business I would choose if I was starting again. The easiest and most certain way of making a living on or offline is to start an Affiliate Marketing Business. It is very simple and not time consuming and is within everyones capabilities. All you need to do is not reinvent the wheel. You need to copy an existing process that works.


Is to point you towards the best route to start to earn affiliate commissions from scratch. You need no technical expertise or knowledge. It helps if you have a passion but even that is not necessary.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,